“In every country where I have seen real progress in maternity care, it was women's groups working together with midwives that made the difference.”

  – Marsden Wagner
The Gatekeepers Fund is a collective of women and men passionate about increasing awareness of the benefits of midwifery care
As well as increasing access to that care, we work to create targeted educational campaigns and grassroots alliances that integrate modern midwifery services into the community. We establish outreach projects that serve families of the highest need. We are fully committed to the art of midwifery as an essential contributor to the creation of strong and healthy families.
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The site is in its early stages of development and we will be adding more information soon. In the mean time please download the printable PDF fundraiser and info file and if you have further need of information please email us. If you cannot open the PDF file you may need to install the software from Adobe found here
The Gatekeepers Fund, PO Box 2906, Taos, New Mexico 87571, www.gatekeepersfund.org, shiela@gatekeepersfund.org
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